Jurisprudence contains lots of discourses, which condense in legal textes, law, monographies, commentaries, journals, jursidiction and anthologies. Just a few of these do have free access. Therefore, the quality of research and lecture in Business- and Tax Law depends mainly on a barrier-free access to current scientific discussions in this area.

The Department finances and supervises a library, which covers the demand for such literature. It is free accessible for students and guests after arrangement.

Priorities lie on literature to German GAAP and German Tax Law as well as International Tax Law. On national level, we will keep our literature up-to-date. On international level, we will provide literature in german as well as in english. There will be a small anthology of curren basic literature of the most important european countries, as well as literature to the Tax Law in the US. 

Beyond that, there will be further literature to Business- and Tax Law in the Main Library and in the library in Helmholzstraße 18.