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The accounting system is an important part of the information system of a company. In external accounting (Financial Accounting) all transactions are mapped while internal accounting (cost accounting) only records operation-related issues. Both systems are in a close relation.
The external audit of accounting is the responsibility of the auditors, who play the conditional task of carrying out statutory annual audits in this context. The auditor checks the correctness of the financial statements and decides to grant or refuse audit certificates.
Furthermore, the auditor accepts a number of additional audit-related services. In addition to knowledge in the area of national and international accounting and auditing, skills in the area of business and tax law are absolutely necessary to perform these tasks.
With the combination of accounting, auditing and business law and taxation in research and teaching the Institute of Accounting and Auditing takes an essential development into account: the importance of accounting, in particular external financial reporting in view of the increasing internationalization and the increasing focus of management on the maximization of shareholder value will be even greater in future.
A particular concern of the institute, therefore, is to link the areas of accounting, particularly with regard to external accounting, and auditing in research and teaching closely. Therefore English and German case studies, practical lectures in courses and excursions to companies ensure practical relevance in teaching. In this way an ongoing knowledge transfer between theory and practice is guaranteed.


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