Is it worth it?

Tax Law is seen as an optional specialisation in the area of Auditing and Accounting. Usually, there is a huge effort in studying Taxlaw. Does this effort pay off? Here are some aspects, which will help you, to choose whether you want to start with taxes :

  1. Experts in taxes will easily find a job later on. Especially the audit firms and tax accountant firms are searching for new employees to join them. But knowledge in taxes isn't only useful in those special areas, almost every company is searching for employees who can support them with their tax qualifications.
  2. Accountancy always implies knowledge in determining taxalbe income. If you want to interpret the financial statements right, you should keep in mind taxation rules.
  3. Investment decisions aren't complete without considering tax consequences. Taw law is designed with many funding and guiding thoughts, which might could make an at first sight unattractive investment to a profitable action (tax paradoxon).
  4. Taxlaw is nowadays a fundamental qualification needed in almost every kind of business and administration. Every Manger should be aware of some basis knowledge in taxlaw to estimate the risks of liability and penal law. Especially Members of the Board of Directors should be aware of that.
  5. The design of employment agreements and compensation system should be undertaken in respect of the tax consequences followed. Employees are interested in their net income, while employers care about their total payout. Tax effects could possibly influence these two ratings, i.e. reducing the payout of the firm while increasing the net income of the employee.

  6. The decision of the form of enterprise can't be unedrtaken rationally without knowledge in tax law. The choice of the form of enterprise is mostly chosen mainly under taxable aspects.

  7. Last but not least, you can benefit from knowledge in tax law by filling out your own tax declaration. Therefore you can avoid an unexpected tax burden and you can evaluate tax advantages by yourself.