Department Medical Sociology

Medical Sociology focusses on the impact of the psychosocial environment and of individual behaviour on morbidity and premature mortality and on the prevention of related risks factors. The variety of social factors relevant for adverse health outcomes reaches from macrosociological conditions (e.g. type of welfare system) via individual characteristics (e.g. socioeconomic status, specific types of work-related stress) to individual behaviour (e.g. cigarette smoking, aspects of the doctor-patient relationship). Medical Sociology at Ulm University concentrates on research into occupational biographies, work stress and health as well as early retirement among older employees and on intervention studies on the prevention of work-related stress.

Regarding the teaching of medical students Medical Sociology is responsible for the sociological part of the obligatory courses ‚Seminar of Medical Psychology and Medical Sociology‘, ‚Course on Medical Psychology and Medical Sociology‘, and the lecture on Medical Sociology. Furthermore, Medical Sociology is responsible for the Integrated Seminar ‚ With 66 years of age …‘ covering medical care of older patients under the conditions of up-to-date medicine.


Head of the Department Medical Sociology is Herr Prof. Dr. R. Peter