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Our environment and our society are facing very big global challenges, especially climate change and an aging society.

Biological systems in particular are exposed to constant challenges, for which they have been able to develop resilience strategies over millions of years in order to be able to react to harmful processes resulting from stress.

The currently too sudden changes due to climate change, environmental toxins, changes in food resources, aging of society do not allow evolutionary adaptations. The Department of Biology in Ulm is therefore researching in its

Research focus on stress response and resilience of biological systems

Job advertisements

For the Institute of Comparative Endocrinology (CME, Tuckermann Lab) and the Institute of Biophysics (GebhardtLab) we are looking for 2 PhD Students (m/f/d) for the Collaborative Research Centre – Aging at Interfaces - Deciphering glucocorticoidreceptor crosstalk during aging

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Molecular endocrinology of animals
Molecular botany
Evolutionary ecology and conservation genomics.
Systematic botany and ecology
Microbiology and biotechnology
Molecular genetics und cell biology
Protein biochemistry
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