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FAQs about Exams (Biology, Biochemistry & PBT)

Via the Study & Teaching Portal

After successful registration, go to "Exam administration" in the left-hand side menu and then select "Register and deregister for exams" in the main section. After accepting the conditions, select the exam for which you want to register or deregister.

Following exam registration and deregistration activities, you will usually receive an automated notification of this action by mail.

Registration is possible until 4 days before the exam (e.g. exam date 21st february, last registration possibility: 17th february).

For some exams, there are pre-requisites. Only when these have been booked, the registration for the exam will be released.
If registration is not possible for any other reason, please send an email to the Office of the Registrar before the registration deadline expires.


Via email to the Office of the Registrar (including the following information: exam name, exam date, examiner and exam number).

Via the Study & Teaching Portal

There, after successful registration, go to "Exam administration" in the left side menu and then select "HTML view of your achievements" in the main section, or one of the following certificates for download as a PDF file.

Recognition of examination results

If you would like to have external achievements recognized in your study program at the University of Ulm, please follow the link below.

Recognition of external achievements

Examination regulations

The current examination regulations for your degree program can be found at the following links.

B. Sc. / M. Sc. Biology B. Sc. / M. Sc. Biochemistry Teaching profession M. Sc. Industrial Biotech M. Sc. Pharmaceutical Biotech

PBT/IBT Exam registration

Additional information on exam registration in the M. Sc. programs Industrial and Pharmaceutical Biotechnology, which are coordinated jointly by UUlm and Biberach University of Applied Sciences.

Exam registration PBT/IBT