Research interests

I am an evolutionary biologist whose research focusses on understanding how life-history traits (in particular, aging) are shaped by sexual selection and sexual conflict, and constrained by nutrition.






Scientific projects

Aging - rising mortality, declining function and fertility over age – remains a puzzling phenomenon to evolutionary biologists. How could a seemingly maladaptive trait evolve? The insight that natural selection weakens over age provided an explanation and suggested that aging is inevitable. However, many species escape aging and among species that do age, patterns of age-dependent mortality are so diverse that some live for days and others for centuries. Even within species, how much and how quickly individuals age differs between populations and demographic groups. We do not understand this diversity. In my research I test how sexual selection and sexual conflict affect aging across the sexes.

Diet affects how long we live, how healthy and fertile we are. In fact, diet affects all aspects of biology. I use the Geometric Framework of nutrition (GF) – a powerful dietary mapping technique – to test how nutrition constrains sex-specific life-histories.  I also use this technique to tackle questions of applied importance and I am a Co-I on an EU Agritech grant that uses the GF to optimise diets for farming edible insects. In my current research, I am trying to use nutrition to improve insect pollinator health. This allows me to apply my fundamental background in nutritional ecology to generate data with positive impacts on food security.


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