Research associates

  Dr. Camila Clozato
Dr. Mark Gillingham
MHC and sexual selection, Heterozygosity-fitness correlation, Avian gut microbiome, Next generation sequencing, Greater flamingos
Dr. Randall Jiménez-Q.
Dr. Sebastian Menke
Bacterial communities, Host-bacteria associations and coevolutionary processes, Human-wildlife conflict, Impact of livestock farming on wildlife species
Dr. Pablo S. C. Santos
Behavioral mechanisms driving MHC diversity in wildlife, Evolutionary genetics of invasive species, Influence of chemosensory genes on behavior, Comparative analysis of large genomic regions among vertebrates
PD Dr. Jutta Schmid
Thermoregulation, energetics, torpid and hibernating mammals (particularly lemurs), behavioral ecology, evolutionary ecology, conservation

Dr. Wasimuddin
Molecular ecology, Gut microbiome genomics, Host-parasite co-evolution