PhD Candidates




Brandt, K.
Pollination Ecology and Chemical Ecology in Neotropical Orchids, Floral Scents, Animal- Plant Interactions, Electrophysiology in Insect Olfaction, Evolutionary Ecology


Cuervo, M.
Pollination ecology of orchids, Floral scents, Sexual deception and floral isolation mechanisms, Chemical ecology in Neotropical plants, Animal-Plant Interactions, Network ecology 


Höfer, R.
Chemical Ecology, Functionail traits, Climate change, Plant-pollinator interactions


Neumüller, U.
Wild bee Ecology, Community assembly processes, Land use impacts on biodiversity, Agroecology 


Straub, F.
Chemical ecology, Bee health, Land-use effects on wild bees,Pollination 


Weithmann, S.
Forensic Entomology / Chemoecology, Microbiome of decomposing piglet cadavers, Cadaver odor, chemical attraction of necrophilous flies and beetles to vertebrate carrion, decomposition processes