Research interests

  • Discovery and characterization of plant pathogens and mycoviruses 
  • Diversity, evolution, and disease epidemiology of viruses in agricultural systems
  • Interactions of pathogens and beneficial microbes with plants, insects, pollinators, and fungi
  • Sustainable pest and disease management in the agro-ecosystem

Scientific projects

I am working as an Alexander von Humboldt fellow with Prof. Dr. Lena Wilfert at Ulm University on the evolution and divergence of plant viruses in agriculturally important pollinators. My research also expands to the interactions of pathogens and beneficial microbes with plants, insects, pollinators, and fungi in agricultural and natural eco-systems to develop sustainable pest and disease management approaches in agriculture, horticulture, and forestry. During my PhD with Prof. Dr. John Hu at the University of Hawaii at Manoa, USA, I studied the diversity, co-infections, and transgenic resistance mechanisms of papaya viruses and other tropical plant viruses. As a JSPS postdoctoral fellow with Dr. Ken Komatsu at the Tokyo University of Agricultural and Technology, Japan, I conducted research on molecular mechanisms underlying genetic diversity and symptom expressions of RNA viruses.

Selected Publications


Hamim I, Komatsu K, Prager SM and Wu B (2023) Editorial: Viruses in agricultural systems: Interactions with plants, insect pollinators and fungi. Front. Microbiol. 14:1170402. doi: 10.3389/fmicb.2023.1170402. (Corresponding author)

Ali Hossain, M., Tanjum Swarna, F., Al Arabi, R. and Hamim, I., 2023. Trichoderma asperellum suppresses viral diseases and promotes the growth and yield of country bean. Frontiers in Agronomy, 5, p.1150359. (Corresponding author).

Shinji, H., Sasaki, N., Hamim, I., Itoh, Y., Taku, K., Hayashi, Y., Minato, N., Moriyama, H., Arie, T. and Komatsu, K., 2023. Dynamin-related protein 2 interacts with the membrane-associated methyltransferase domain of plantago asiatica mosaic virus replicase and promotes viral replication. Virus Research, 331, p.199128.

Sakugawa, K., Novianti, F., Hamim, I., Arie, T. and Komatsu, K., 2023. Emergence of a deletion mutant of GFP-expressing plantago asiatica mosaic virus that has overcome acibenzolar-S-methyl-induced defense response against its long-distance movement. Journal of General Plant Pathology, pp.1-11.

Furuya, M., Tanai, S., Hamim, I., Yamamoto, Y., Abe, H., Imai, K., Saito, H., Yamashita, K., Uehara-Ichiki, T., Hanada, K. and Kon, T., 2023. Phylogenetic and population genetic analyses of plantago asiatica mosaic virus isolates reveal intraspecific diversification. Journal of General Plant Pathology, pp.1-14.


Hamim, I., Urayama, S.I., Netsu, O., Tanaka, A., Arie, T., Moriyama, H. and Komatsu, K., 2022. Discovery, Genomic Sequence Characterization and Phylogenetic Analysis of Novel RNA Viruses in the Turfgrass Pathogenic Colletotrichum spp. in Japan. Viruses, 14(11), p.2572.

Hamim, I., Sekine, K.T. and Komatsu, K., 2022. How do emerging long-read sequencing technologies function in transforming the plant pathology research landscape?. Plant Molecular Biology, 110(6), pp.469-484.

Hamim, I., Suzuki, J.Y., Borth, W.B., Melzer, M.J., Wall, M.M. and Hu, J.S., 2022. Preserving plant samples from remote locations for detection of RNA and DNA viruses. Frontiers in Microbiology, 13, p.930329.


Hamim, I., Borth, W.B., Suzuki, J.Y., Melzer, M.J., Wall, M.M. and Hu, J.S., 2020. Molecular characterization of tomato leaf curl Joydebpur virus and tomato leaf curl New Delhi virus associated with severe leaf curl symptoms of papaya in Bangladesh. European Journal of Plant Pathology, 158, pp.457-472.


Hamim, I., Al Rwahnih, M., Borth, W.B., Suzuki, J.Y., Melzer, M.J., Wall, M.M., Green, J.C. and Hu, J.S., 2019. Papaya Ringspot Virus isolates from Papaya in Bangladesh: detection, characterization, and distribution. Plant disease, 103(11), pp.2920-2924.

Hamim, I., Borth, W.B., Melzer, M.J., Suzuki, J.Y., Wall, M.M. and Hu, J.S., 2019. Occurrence of tomato leaf curl Bangladesh virus and associated subviral DNA molecules in papaya in Bangladesh: molecular detection and characterization. Archives of virology, 164, pp.1661-1665.


Hamim, I., Borth, W.B., Marquez, J., Green, J.C., Melzer, M.J. and Hu, J.S., 2018. Transgene-mediated resistance to Papaya ringspot virus: challenges and solutions. Phytoparasitica, 46, pp.1-18.

Hamim, I., Borth, W., Melzer, M.J. and Hu, J., 2018. Ultra-sensitive detection of papaya ringspot virus using single-tube nested PCR. Acta Virol, 62, pp.379-385.


Hamim, I., Green, J.C., Borth, W.B., Melzer, M.J., Wang, Y.N. and Hu, J.S., 2017. First report of banana bunchy top virus in Heliconia spp. on Hawaii. Plant Disease, 101(12), p.2153.


Alexander von Humboldt fellow:

Dr. Islam Hamim
Institute of Evolutionary Ecology and Conservation Genomics
University of Ulm
Albert-Einstein-Allee 11
89081 Ulm
Email: islam.hamim()