Academic staff and Postdocs

  Dr. Magdalena Meyer
Disease ecology, Microbiome-pathogen interactions, Host disease resistance, Population genetics, Host-virus co-evolution
  Dr. Nadine Mueller-Klein
Evolutionary ecology
  Dr. Alice Risely
Role of pathogens and symbionts in shaping host fitness, Relationship between gut microbiota and animal physiology, Role of migratory animals as vectors for pathogens, Mechanisms by which animal behaviour shapes disease transmission, Population dynamics of migratory and nomadic species
  Dr. Dominik W. Schmid
  Dr. Nina Schwensow
Host-pathogen co-evolution, Virus evolution, MHC and sexual selection, Evolutionary genetics of invasive species, Evolution of host disease resistance and virulence, Population genetics
  apl Prof. Dr. Marco Tschapka
Community ecology of neotropical nectar-feeding bats, plant - animal interactions and pollination ecology