PhD candidates

  Priscilla Alpizar
Landscape ecology and genetics, Neotropical bats, Conservation biology
  Stefan Dominik Brändel
Wildlife disease ecology, Neotropical bat communities, Microbial community ecology, Habitat fragmentation
  Ana Sofía Carranco, MSc.
Microbiome and mycobiome composition of reptiles, Microbiome assembly during host development, Fungal emerging diseases, Host-pathogen interaction, Marine and freshwater turtles
  Gloria Fackelmann
Gut microbiome composition of non-model species, Microplastics, Shotgun metagenomic sequencing
  Ramona Fleischer
Wildlife Microbiome, dysbiosis
  Alexander Heni
Innate und adaptive immune gene diversity (TLRs, MHC), Wildlife health, Host-pathogen interaction, Landscape ecology
  Julian Schmid
Landscape genetics, Host-parasite interactions, Immune genetics (MHC), Microbiome, EcoHealth
  Luis Viquez
Migration ecology, Microbiome, Nectar-feeding bats, Ecohealth, Acoustic monitoring