How to Find Us:


The nearest airports are Stuttgart (80 km), München (135 km), Augsburg, and Frankfurt (260 km). Then, Ulm can be easily reached by train (ICE, EC and IC rail services): cost around 30-60 €.

From Stuttgart airport:

  1. Take S-Bahn (lines 2 or 3) to Stuttgart Hauptbahnhof (“main station”), and get off after ~ 30′
  2. Take a train to Ulm Hauptbahnhof. There are hourly direct ICE/IC/EC (high-speed trains, travel time around 50′) and RE (regional trains, around 60′)

From Munich airport:

  1. Take S-Bahn (lines 8 and 1) and get off at Munich Hauptbahnhof (“main station”) after ~ 45′
  2. Take a train to Ulm Hauptbahnhof. There are hourly direct ICE/IC/EC (high-speed trains, 80′) and RE (regional trains, 100′)

From Frankfurt airport:

  1. Walk to Frankfurt (Main) Fernbahnhof (10′ from the terminal)
  2. Take a train to Ulm Hauptbahnhof (“main station”). There are direct ICE (high-speed trains) every 60′ but for some of them you will have to change at Mannheim where connecting trains usually wait on the other side of the platform. Travel time is around 150′.

For more info about train tickets and time schedule:


Ulm is located at the ICE track München-Stuttgart. Train tickets and time schedule are available at

How to reach Ulm University by tram from the main railway station “Ulm Hauptbahnhof”

Please leave the building and cross half of the street in front of the building. There is a bus stop respectively tram stop (“Hauptbahnhof” (also named “Bahnsteig 1 Vorplatz”)) on either side of the tramway rails in the middle of the road. The busses use the same track as the tram. Please choose
the tram stop, which is opposite of the railway tracks, means you have to cross the rails of the tramway.

Please take the tram line no. 2 (best connection!!), which runs every 10 minutes to the university; indicated direction: "Wissenschaftsstadt", “Botanischer Garten” or “Science Park”. Please exit at tram stop
"Universität Süd" (generally the first stop at the university). The tram line no2 leads around the University, the next stop is “Botanischer Garten”.



Tram schedule from tram stop “Hauptbahnhof” to Ulm University (Universität Süd)

More info about local buses and time schedule (but only in German) are available at



From the highway A8: Leave A8 at the exit Ulm West (No. 62). From there take the direction Ulm on the national road B10. Leave B10 at the exit Wissenschaftsstadt. Follow the road until you can turn left to Universität. Turn left again at the next crossing to reach the parking area.

Postal address:

Ulm University, Institute of Theoretical Physics, Albert-Einstein-Allee 11, D-89081 Ulm, Germany

How to reach us:

Institute of Theoretical Physics, Meyerhofstraße M26 (ZQB)

Option 1:

The main building of the university is split up into different buildings, built up like a chessboard (see plan). The entrance Süd (south) is in the building O25.

The numbers of the buildings are painted on the walls (nearby the stairs or above the elevators). Please go through the building, turn right after the lecture room H8 and H9 and leave the main building. Then you can see the ZQB on the left side: it is a separate black building with big glass windows. We are at level 4 (last level), our corridor is next to the elevator.

Option 2: (easier to find the ZQB)

You can also move one stop further and get off at the next stop "Botanischer Garten" instead of "Universität Süd". Please go back a few meters and turn right into the street "Meyerhofstraße". Meyerhofstraße is very short and at the end of Meyerhofstraße you can already see the ZQB building on the right side (black building with big windows).

We are at level 4 (last level), our corridor is next to the elevator.

If you need support, please contact
Gerlinde Walliser
Tel.: ++49 (0)731 50-22911
E-Mail: gerlinde.walliser(at)

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Ulm University
Institute of Theoretical Physics
Albert-Einstein-Allee 11
D - 89081 Ulm

Tel: +49 731 50 22911
Fax: +49 731 50 22924

Office: Building M26, room 4117

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Most Recent Papers

Efficient Information Retrieval for Sensing via Continuous Measurement, Phys. Rev. X 13, 031012arXiv:2209.08777

Active hyperpolarization of the nuclear spin lattice: Application to hexagonal boron nitride color centers, Phys. Rev. B 107, 214307, arXiv:2010.03334

Driving force and nonequilibrium vibronic dynamics in charge separation of strongly bound electron–hole pairs, Commun Phys 6, 65 (2023)arXiv:2205.06623

Asymptotic State Transformations of Continuous Variable Resources, Commun. Math. Phys. 398, 291–351 (2023)arXiv:2010.00044

Spin-Dependent Momentum Conservation of Electron-Phonon Scattering in Chirality-Induced Spin Selectivity, J. Phys. Chem. Lett. 2023, 14, XXX, 340–346arXiv:2209.05323