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At our institute we combine structural biology (mainly X-ray crystallography), biophysical approaches, and biochemistry with cell biology to allow for an integrated research approach.

Research topics focus on RNA-based gene regulation in eukaryotes (Niessing), structure-guided inhibitor design (Niessing), and various areas of biotechnology, including biomaterials for medical applications and recombinant biosurfactants for a growing bioeconomy (Rosenau). For more details, please visit the groups subpages under the INSTITUTE/RESEARCH pulldown menue.



Recent Publications

Kanuj Mishra, Juan Pablo Fuenzalida-Werner, Francesca Pennacchietti, Robert Janowski, Andriy Chmyrov, Yuanhui Huang, Christian Zakian, Uwe Klemm, Ilaria Testa, Dierk Niessing, Vasilis Ntziachristos, Andre C Stiel
Genetically encoded photo-switchable molecular sensors for optoacoustic and super-resolution imaging.
Nature Biotechnology (2022) 40(4):598-605.

Kissmann, Ann-Kathrin, Dennis Wolf, Markus Krämer, Franziska Müller, Valerie Amann, Hu Xing, Kay-Eberhard Gottschalk, Tanja Weil, Ruth Eichmann, Patrick Schäfer, and Frank Rosenau.
Polyclonal Aptamer Libraries from a FluRoot-SELEX for the Specific Labeling of the Apical and Elongation/Differentiation Zones of Arabidopsis thaliana Roots
International Journal of Molecular Sciences 23, no. 20: 12220.

Zinngrebe J, Moepps B, Monecke T, Gierschik P, Schlichtig F, Barth TFE, Strauß G, Boldrin E, Posovszky C, Schulz A, Beringer O, Rieser E, Jacobsen EM, Lorenz MR, Schwarz K, Pannicke U, Walczak H, Niessing D, Schuetz C, Fischer-Posovszky P, Debatin KM.
Compound heterozygous variants in OTULIN are associated with fulminant atypical late-onset ORAS.
EMBO Mol Med. (2022), 14(3):e14901.

Valerie Amann, Ann-Kathrin Kissmann, Markus Krämer, Imke Krebs, Julio A. Perez-Erviti, Anselmo J. Otero-Gonzalez, Fidel Morales-Vicente, Armando Rodríguez, Ludger Ständker, Tanja Weil and Frank Rosenau
"Increased activities against biofilms of the pathogenic yeast Candida
albicans of optimized Pom-1 derivatives"
Pharmaceutics 2022, 14(2), 318;

Behrens G, Edelmann SL, Raj T, Kronbeck N, Monecke T, Davydova E, Wong EH, Kifinger L, Giesert F, Kirmaier ME, Hohn C, de Jonge LS, Pisfil MG, Fu M, Theurich S, Feske S, Kawakami N, Wurst W, Niessing D, Heissmeyer V.
Disrupting Roquin-1 interaction with Regnase-1 induces autoimmunity and enhances antitumor responses.
Nat Immunol. (2021).

Heinz F. Raber, Dennis H. Kubiczek, Nicholas Bodenberger, Ann-Kathrin Kissmann, Deena D’souza, Hu Xing, Daniel Mayer, Pengfei Xu, Uwe Knippschild, Barbara Spellerberg, Tanja Weil and Frank Rosenau
FluCell-SELEX Aptamers as Specific Binding Molecules for Diagnostics of the Health Relevant Gut Bacterium Akkermansia muciniphila
International Journal of Molecular Sciences (2021) 22, no. 19: 10425.

Patrizia Favella, Ann-Kathrin Kissmann, Heinz Fabian Raber, Dennis Horst Kubiczek, Patrick Bodenberger, Nicholas Emil Bodenberger, Frank Rosenau,
Diffusion-controlled release of the theranostic protein-photosensitizer Azulitox from composite of Fmoc-Phenylalanine Fibrils encapsulated with BSA hydrogels,
Journal of Biotechnology, (2021) Volume 341, 51-62, ISSN 0168-1656,

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The DFG Research Unit FOR2333 " consists of seven German-wide teams (speaker: Ulm University).


The DFG Priority Program SPP1935 aims at understanding RNA-bound determinants of posttranscriptional gene regulation.