M. Sc. Patricia Kittel


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Research Interests

In the area of automotive spoken dialog systems (SDS), my research interests lie in dealing with natural language user input, that is designing and evaluating systems which are intended to interpret all utterances that are associated with a specific semantic meaning.

Since technical progress in recent years has changed user expectations about automotive spoken dialog systems, developers are moving away from command and control towards a more natural style of communication. A more natural style of communication presupposes understanding all utterances which are associated with a specific semantic meaning. Since natural language is characterized by a great variability a limited amount of possible user utterances becomes an unlimited amount. Current development processes must be therefore adjusted to the new requirements such as the need for a great amount of data, different evaluation metrics and evaluation criteria. To accomplish this, I am interested in how people speak towards spoken dialog systems, in data eliciting and processing methods and natural language understanding evaluation metrics.


Embedded Aigaion Query 2018

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Research Assistant

Dr. rer. nat. Patricia Kittel

Patricia Kittel
Dr. rer. nat. Patricia Kittel
Graduation Date: 15.07.2022
First Employment: Daimler, Germany