M.Sc. Carolin Schindler

PhD Thesis

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Towards Natural Multimodal Interaction with Argumentative Dialogue Systems

Argumentation is an essential element of human communication and reasoning. Whenever information is incomplete or inconsistent, we start to argue. This can take place internally as well as externally with other people or conversational agents. Recent works increase the flexibility of argumentative dialogue systems with respect to the possible topics of the argumentation. Still, the naturalness of the interaction with the dialogue system shows room for improvement.

Possible research directions are

  • the set of moves allowed by the system and the user,
  • the modalities perceived, processed, and evaluated by the dialogue system,
  • the modalities output/generated by the dialogue system,
  • the combination of different types of argumentative dialogue,
  • the communication strategy applied by the system, and
  • the extension and refinement of the underlying argumentation structure / knowledge base of the system and its automatic generation.

Research Interests

  • Natural Multimodal Human-Machine Interaction
  • Natural Language Processing, esp. in the field of Computational Argumentation
  • Aritificial Intelligence, esp. Machine Learning including Deep Learning

Achieved Academic Degrees

Master of Science in Cognitive Systems at Ulm University
Bachelor of Science in Informationssystemtechnik (Communications and Computer Engineering) at Ulm University

Through my inter-disciplinary course of studies, my background is in Computer Science and Psychology as well as in Electrical Engineering.

  • priority programme Robust Argumentation Machines (RATIO)
    (in the scope of my Bachelor's and Master's thesis at Ulm University)
    • phase 1: How to Win Arguments - Empowering Virtual Agents to Improve their Persuasiveness (EVA)
    • phase 2: BEA - Building Engaging Argumentation
  • Artificial Intelligence for Individualised Learning Path and Processes (2LIKE)
    (in the scope of a student project at Ulm University)
  • Self-Supporting Multimodal Interaction (SEMULIN)
    (in the scope of being a student employee at Elektrobit Automotive GmbH, Ulm)

Embedded Aigaion Query 2024

C. Schindler
Overlapping Aspect-based Argument Cluster Analysis including Cluster Labelling for Opinion Formation with Argumentative Dialogue Systems
Master's thesis, 2024


N. Rach, C. Schindler, I. Feustel, J. Daxenberger, W. Minker and S. Ultes
From Argument Search to Argumentative Dialogue: A Topic-independent Approach to Argument Acquisition for Dialogue Systems
Proceedings of the 22nd Annual Meeting of the Special Interest Group on Discourse and Dialogue, ACL, Singapore, 2021
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C. Schindler
Argumentative Relation Classification for Argumentative Dialogue Systems
Bachelor's thesis, 2020

Thesis and Project Topics for Students

When you are interested in working on a thesis or project within my PhD topic and research interests, just write me an email (Deutsch, English). Based on your background, we can discuss open topics and your own proposals.

Embedded Aigaion Query 2024

Master's Student
Natural Language Generation for Knowledge-grounded Dialogue Systems
Seminar Work, 2024

Teaching Assistance

  • Summer Term 2024
    • Multimodale Benutzerschnittstellen
    • Anwendungsorientierte Software-Entwicklung

Projects and Seminars

  • Summer Term 2024
    • Projekt Dialogsysteme für Ingenieure (project)
  • Winter Term 2023/24
    • Dialogue Systems (seminar exercise)