Ghada El-Khawaga

Ghada attended Mansoura University in Egypt, where she obtained her Bachelor and Master’s Degrees. Through her Master’s thesis, she was working on developing a framework to preserve the non-functional requirements of a system developed using one of the agile software development methodologies. Since her graduation in 2013, she has been working as an assistant lecturer in Information Systems department in the faculty of Computers and Information Systems. In 2017, she was granted a scholarship to finish her PhD studies at Ulm university. Her main research interests are process change detection and characterisation of these changes by identifying their patterns.

In her leisure time, she is engaged in social work and community service activities, besides listening to good music and jogging.

Research Interests

  • Predictive process monitoring
  • explainability of business process-related predictions
  • Process mining and exploring different perspectives of a business process
  • Recommender systems


| 2020 |


El-Khawaga, Ghada and Abuelkheir, Mervat and Barakat, Sherif and Riad, Alaa and Reichert, Manfred (2020) CONDA-PM: A Systematic Review and Framework for Concept Drift Analysis in Process Mining. Algorithms, 13(7): 161, MDPI, 10.3390/a13070161. file
Hoppenstedt, Burkhard and Reichert, Manfred and El-Khawaga, Ghada and Winter, Karl-Michael and Pryss, Rüdiger (2020) Detecting Production Phases Based on Sensor Values using 1D-CNNs. arXiv. file

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Ghada El-Khawaga
External PhD candidate

Office: Building O27 - Room 544
Consultation hours on appointment.


Phone: +49 731 50 24 131
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