Conception and Realization of a Brain and Memory Training Application

Ulm University

BA Abschlussvortrag, Sina Vähäkangas, Ort: Online, Datum: 15.12.2020, Zeit: 14:00 Uhr

In this bachelor’s thesis, an Android brain and memory training application BrainBoozled for devices with an Android operating system was developed. This application is focused on different aspects of training the human brain in regard to memory, speed and logical thinking. Nowadays, there are already many brain and memory training applications for Android operated devices. The application BrainBoozled consists of three different brain and memory training games. The game Process Models makes this application stand out with making the user recreate different kinds of process models from memory. First, a process model is displayed. The user then rebuilds the entire process model by dragging and dropping its elements together under a specific time limit. By playing this game, it is easy to learn different structures of process models in an easygoing and fun way. Additionally, this game contains two other games focusing on memory training and logic under a time limit. The Squares game creates different patterns using black and white squares. The user tries to remember the displayed pattern and rebuilds it by tapping on the different squares of the pattern to change their colour between black and white. The Numbers game has a logical aspect to it. Randomly generated numbers are shown on the screen with a specific order. The user has to quickly sort the displayed numbers either in an ascending or descending order by selecting all numbers on the screen in a specific time limit. This game makes the user think logically under a time limit and trains the brain in a different way.