Markus Brenner

Markus Brenner has left Ulm University. This website has been archived and is not actively maintained.

From 2009 to 2014 I studied Informatics (Bachelor & Master) at Ulm University.

I completed my master thesis at the Institute of Software Engineering and Compiler Construction, where I was employed until early 2015.

Since April 2015 I am a doctoral student in the Transregional Collaborative Research Center SFB/Transregio 62 in part project A2 (Knowledge Modelling) and am currently working on semantic web technologies and stream reasoning.

Further Information

The growth of the internet and the steady growth of the number of interconnected devices amount to an increasing amount and variety of data, which needs to be dealt with. In particular it is no longer sufficient to handle a static amount of data using classical database systems, instead there is a need to analyse dynamic streams of data in real time. Companies like Twitter and Facebook have created their own Stream Processing systems and the database community has also produced a great amount of results in the area of Complex Event or Stream Processing, which deal with this challenge.

Ontologies and description logics have on the one hand proven to be valuable tools for access to heterogenic data by means of ontology based data access and on the other hand provide a formally correct and natural way of knowledge classification. Unfortunately research in the area usually deals with statical information.

The still young research area of Stream Reasoning aims to bring together data streams and ontological knowledge to process changing, heterogenic data in real time. To do so, there are a number of practical as well as theoretical challenges to master, such as research on appropriate semantic foundations for querying Stream Reasoning syste

I do not currently participate in the supervision of any courses in the summer term of 2017.

In previous semesters I participated in the following courses

  • Winter 2016/2017: Web Engineering
  • Summer 2016: Foundations of Semantic Web, Proseminar Artificial Intelligence
  • Winter 2015/2016: Introduction to Computer Science for Psychologists