Research Topics

At the Institute of Microwave Engineering, our concern is the design of microwave systems for sensor and communication purposes starting from 1 GHz up to several 100 GHz. System design encompasses topics like hardware architecture and antennas, as well as signal processing close to the involved hardware. This includes research regarding MIMO, angular estimation, modulation algorithms, and interference detection and mitigation.

Applications of these research topics are:

  • Automotive radar for assisted and autonomous driving
  • Sensor technology for gesture control of hand held devices
  • Industrial sensors for automation and mining technology
  • Radar sensors for environment recognition and navigation for drones/UAVs
  • Detection of anti-personnel mines
  • Satellite communication and ultra high data rate communication systems

Our research is focused on:

  • Antenna systems und arrays, from designing single radiating elements up to signal processing
  • Highly integrated sensors in the millimeter frequency range
  • Assembly and interconnect technology (AIT) for millimeter wave applications
  • MIMO concepts und modulation techniques
  • Radar signal analysis like digital beamforming (DBF), imaging, gridmaps, and contour estimation
  • Interference detection and suppression
  • Massive MIMO frontends
  • Antenna measurements and design up to the sub-millimeter frequency range


Radar for Automotive, UAV, and Industrial Applications

Application-specific radar systems and hardware-related signal processing

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Signal processing

Radar Signal Processing and Modulation

analog and digital modulation, innovative signal processing and algorithms, interference mitigation, SAR processing

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Onchip antenna with resonator

Antenna Measurements and Design

Antennas for automotive radars, biomimetic antennas, characterization of integrated antennas

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Bonded SiGe Chip with small quartz glass plate

AVT and Single-Chip Radars in the Millimeter Wave Range

On-chip antennas, characterization of single-chip radar sensors in the component and system level

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Communication systems

Communication Systems

Massive MIMO, satellite communication

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MIMO Radar sensor mounted on turntable

Radar System Concepts, MIMO, and Distributed Radar Systems

Antennas and frontends for MIMO-radars, algorithms and concepts for sensor networks

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