Planar Dipol Antenna ArrayRobot measurement setup Probed on-chip antenna

Antenna Design and Measurements

Our Institute has a long experience in the design and investigation of antenna elements and arrays. In the last years the main research focus was put on the development of robust antenna systems in the mm-wave range, in particular on antennas for automotive radar applications, and on compact and flexible arrays for satellite communications. Furthermore, biomimetic antennas are being investigated. Inspired by the hearing organ of flies, they promise a significant improvement in the angular resolution of radar sensors while maintaining a small form factor.

For antenna characterizations a near-field and a far-field measurement setup for radiation pattern, gain, and radar cross section measurements at frequencies up to 100 GHz is available. Furthermore, a novel measurement setup to characterize integrated antennas between 100 GHz and 300 GHz was developed at the Institute. In order to achieve sufficient positional accuracy, a robotic arm is used to move to the desired measurement points. The setup supports arbitrary 3-dimensional scanning geometries and various different measurement types. This makes it not only possible to conduct detailed analyses of the error sources that occur during the characterization of integrated antennas and to quantify their effect on the overall measurement accuracy but also to reduce interferences by post-processing the measurement results.

Funded Projects

  • DFG: "Biomimetic antenna concepts for angle estimating radar sensors", WA 3506/6-1
  • DFG: "Measurement Technique Concepts for Highly Integrated Antennas", WA 3506/1-1