Lab Course RF Engineering (SS, 4 SWS, 5 ECTS)


  • Communications Technology, M.Sc., elective module
  • Elektrotechnik, M.Sc., elective module


  • Introduction to Microwave Engineering or "Einführung in die Hochfrequenztechnik"


  • Generally, two students form a working group.

Downloads (access within the university only)

  1. Waves on Transmission Lines pdf
  2. Modulation pdf
  3. CAD (Linear Circuits) pdf
  4. Scalar Scattering Parameter Measurements (coaxial) pdf
  5. Planar Circuits pdf
  6. Frequency Synthesis pdf  Additional materials
  7. Scalar Scattering Parameter Measurements (waveguide) pdf
  8. Antenna Measurements pdf

List of signatures and hints pdf


Prof. Dr.-Ing. Christian Waldschmidt
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Christian Damm
Dr.-Ing. Frank Bögelsack
Dr.-Ing. Tobias Chaloun
and scientific staff



Preferred on Friday



Not later than the first Wednesday in the lecture term personally at Frank Bögelsack, room 41.2.302, phone 50-26353, in.mwt
Additionally, you have to register in the QISPOS/LSF.



You will get the handouts after registration from Frank Bögelsack.