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Communication Systems

The continuously growing demand for high data rate links has become one of the main drivers for broadband and multi-channel communication systems. The main research focus of the Institute is on the development of innovative system approaches for massive MIMO and for mobile satellite communication.

Massive MIMO
Multi-user communication systems with a central base station equipped with a very large number of receive antennas (so-called massive MIMO) are attaining more and more attention. The main challenges in such systems are the acquisition of accurate channel state information and the effort for realizing such systems. These problems can be overcome by means of non-coherent receivers. The interaction between the analog, low-complexity radio frontend and the employed joint detection algorithms is studied in detail. Key elements of the research are the propagation channel, the antenna configuration, the system design, and the hardware influence of low-complexity radio frontends.

Satellite Communication
Recent developments show that satellite communication services are moving to higher operational frequencies in the mm-wave range in order to provide higher channel capacities for a large variety of end users. At the same time, the possible miniaturization of the mobile antenna systems enables a more seamless integration into mobile platforms like airplanes, ships, and trains. Furthermore, sparsely inhabited regions or terrestrial isolated crisis areas may be connected to faster data networks by satellite communication systems at relatively low cost and in a needs-oriented way. Conventional system architectures which have become well-established at lower operational frequencies, however, are often less suited for higher mm-wave bands, especially for large electronically steerable antennas. The Institute has, therefore, extensive experience in the development and realization of innovative concepts for highly integrated active antenna systems at mm-wave frequencies allowing a flexible and scalable system design.

Skills / Expertise

  • Channel modeling for multi-user-massive-MIMO systems
  • Development of scalable and flexible multi-antenna systems
  • Design and characterization of highly integrated or low-complexity radio frontends

Funded Projects

  • DFG-Project: "Low-Complexity Radio Frontends and Non-coherent Detection for Massive MIMO"