Radar Design Project (SS, 4 L, 5 ECTS)


  • Elektrotechnik, M.Sc., elective module
  • Communications Technology, M.Sc., elective module


  • Lectures "Introduction to Microwave Engineering" or "Einführung in die Hochfrequenztechnik"
  • Regular attendance to the lecture “Radar- und Hochfrequenzsensoren” is highly recommended


  • Generally, two students form a working group


  • Radar system design and component selection
  • Planar antenna, filters, and coupler design
  • Power and low noise amplifier design using off-the-shelf components
  • Mixer designing off-the-shelf components
  • Radar signal synthesis and processing
  • Characterization of the individual radar components
  • Initial setup of the radar sensor and field tests

Dr.-Ing. Martin Hitzler
and scientific staff

Enrollment procedure:
Only on Moodle: Link
Limited to 14-16 participants

Enrollment period:
Starts at 14.04.2023 12:00
Ends on 21.04.2023 8:00

Introductory seminar (mandatory): 21. April 2023, 8:00 a.m., room 43.2.101
Lab sessions: as required (typically Friday morning), room 43.2.101 for discussions and PC pools 41.1.303/304 for module implementation