radar with flexible antenna illuminating a pipetop: scene with two cars, bottom: radar signature of the two cars in range-azimuth directionleft: range-doppler plot of a hand gesture, right: hands moving up and down

Radar for Automotive, UAV, and Industrial Applications

At the Institute of Microwave Engineering radar systems for novel applications in the automotive, industrial, and UAV branches are designed, and the corresponding signal processing is carried out.

The focus of the research activity is the development of the entire radar system and comprises both the front-end and back-end as well as the embedded radar signal processing. For this purpose, specific antennas are designed, passive RF-components are developed, and circuits for frequency synthesis, signal amplification, and filtering are conceived and manufactured.

The system design is done in different frequency ranges. For the buried landmine detection with drones in the project "Findmine" a UWB radar sensor with frequencies below 4 GHz is used. Research on a smartphone control using gesture recognition is done with a 77-GHz-MIMO radar. At these frequencies high resolution automotive radar sensors, new modulation schemes (CDM, OFDM), and interference topics are examined. The goal of another project is the 3-dimensional environment detection of UAVs with a 60/122-GHz radar. For industrial sensing a high resolution 160-GHz-FMCW-radar MMIC is developed. This radar chip is extended with a mechanical flexible antenna and used for novel radar applications in the project ZAFH MikroSens.

Skills / Expertise

  • Application-specific system design for radar sensors
  • Design and characterization of entire radar systems
    • Front-end: antennas, passive RF-components and frequency synthesis
    • Back-end: IF Amplifier and signal processing
  • Development of innovative algorithms for signal processing
  • Use of radar sensors for novel applications

Funded Projects
In addition to a variety of bilateral industrial projects, the following research projects are handled:

  • Urs-Endress-Stiftung: Project Findmine "UAV based landmine detection with SAR"
  • ZAFH: Project MikroSens "Innovative millimeter wave sensor technology for industrial applications"
  • KoRRund: "Radar sensor networks for automotive applications"
  • Radar4FAD: "Code modulated automotive radar sensors"
  • RobustSense: "Polarimetric automotive radar sensors"

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