Structured three-dimensional antennas on mold potting300 GHz transition from MMIC to dielectric waveguideCross section of a layer change in the substrateStructured antenna on glass material

Packaging and Single-Chip Radars in the Millimeter Wave Range

At the Institute of Microwave Engineering, new system concepts for highly integrated radar sensors and antennas are developed, which are verified on the basis of prototypes. In cooperation with research and industrial partners, new technologies and manufacturing processes are adapted and optimized for the application in the millimeter wave frequency range.

A core competence lies in the modeling, optimization and characterization of the chip-integrated antennas. Apart from direct radiation into free space, integrated antennas can be part of a waveguide transition in the housing, on the circuit board or in the waveguide. In terms of measurement technology, there is extensive know-how in the characterization of antenna structures, individual components and radar systems up to 330 GHz. To increase the performance of antennas and MMIC radars, dielectric lenses are designed and verified at the institute. At frequencies above 100 GHz, the dielectric properties of many materials are still unknown and can be characterized using precise measurement methods.

For the construction of radar systems with housed and solderable radar MMICs, extensive skills are available in the design and construction of complex multilayer or HDI circuit boards. Signals up to 90 GHz are transmitted in pure HF as well as in mixed HF and digital circuit boards. In order to enable complex design, a broad portfolio of transitions, crossings and position changes is designed and optimized at the institute, whereby conventional FR4 is also used as a dielectric.

Skills / Expertise:
  • Creation and implementation of new system concepts for integrated radar sensors (single / multichip radar) with and without chip-integrated antenna
  • Design and characterization of
    • integrated antennas on the chip
    • dielectric lenses for beam shaping
    • passive reflect arrays in SiGe technology and glass substrates
    • Transitions from the chip to the housing, on circuit cards, in dielectric waveguides or in waveguides
    • Layer transitions in highly integrated HDI circuit boards o Antennas in the package (AiP)
    • Antennen im Package(AiP)
  • Material characterization up to 330 GHz
  • Characterization of integrated radar sensors: components and systems
  • DFG-Projekt: Sub-THz skalierbares Sensor-SoC, WA 3506/9-1
  • DFG-Projekt, MiRES: Rekonfigurierbare elektromagnetische Oberflächen im Millimeterwellen-Bereich, WA 3506/14-1
  • BMBF Projekt, Glara: Radare auf Glasinterposern
  • RAFAM: Antennenstrukturen auf Moldverguss im Package