Bistatic radar chip with dielectric resonatorsOnchip-Antenna to Waveguide TransititonHF-PCB on which a horn antenna is directed

Packaging and Single-Chip Radars in the Millimeterwave Range

At the Institute of Microwave Engineering innovative system concepts for integrated radar sensors with low phase noise are investigated, realized as prototypes, and verified. Many of the designed chips include an integrated antenna for on-chip radiation.

One of our most important skills is the modelling, optimization, and characterization of on-chip antennas. Alternative to the direct radiation into free-space integrated antennas can be part of a transition to the package, to the PCB, or a rectangular waveguide. In the field of measurement technology extensive competencies exist in the characterization of single-chip radar sensors in the component and system level. Utilizing a dielectric lens the range of single-chip radar is increased by an order of magnitude. These lenses are designed and verified at the Institute.

Skills / Expertise:
  • Design and implementation of novel system concepts for integrated radar sensors with and without chip-integrated antenna
  • Design and characterization of integrated antenna on chip and in package
  • Design and characterization of transitions from chip to package, PCB, or rectangular waveguide
  • Characterization of integrated radar sensors: components and systems
  • Design and characterization of dielectric lenses for beam forming
  • Determination of material properties up to 330 GHz
Funded Projects
  • ZAFH: Project Mikrosens "Innovative millimeter wave sensor technology for industrial applications"
  • DFG-Project: "Biomimetic antenna concepts for millimeter wave sensors with angle estimation"
  • Glara: "Radars on glas interposers"