Equipment in the Institute

The comprehensive hardware and software ressources in the institute are one of the major building blocks for our diverse research topics and successful projects.

antenna in the anechoic chamber
On 32 qm floor area the institute's own anechoic chamber offers enough space for far-field measurements with full 360 azimuth coverage. Typical measurement frequencies in the chamber are around 100 GHz. Also, near-field measurements can be performed on an effective 2D-measurement area of 1,3 m x 1,3 m by means of specially manufactured probes, by which a positioning accuracy of 10 µm can be achieved.
For geometrically demanding measurements of radiation characteristics in the mm-wave range up to and beyond 300 GHz our institute is in possession of a jointed-arm robot with 6 degrees of freedom. In combination with our self-developed control software it is possible to trace complex 3D-trajectories for measurements reliably and fully-automated. Moreover, we are able not only to measure classical measurement setups with our equipment, but also are able to measure various components directly on the wafer.
remotely controlled robotic arm
on-wafer prober contacts chip
By means of our measurement equipment we are capable of performing highly precise signal and network analysis in a frequency range of 10 MHz up to 325 GHz directly on-premise. Measurements of thermal noise are possible up to 20 GHz, phase noise measurements are directly possible up to 9 GHz and beyond that by using extension mixer modules. Digital signal generators with up to 12,5 GS/s and multiple channels and various modulators enable the generation of very complex signals for arbitrary applications, e.g., the testing of new waveforms.
Besides the hardware equipment of the institute, we also have a comprehensible catalogue of software programs at our disposal to plan and investigate high-frequency specific problems. This includes the industry-standard relevant software packages of Mathworks MATLAB, MapleSoft Maple, Agilent Advanced Design System, Cadence Palladium, Ansys HFSS, CST Microwave Studio or the AWE WinProp Suite for realistic modeling and simulation of the propagation of HF-signals in devices or wireless channels.
GUI of the software suite of Mathworks MATLAB: a tool for scientific computing
Modern car and a UAV as experiment carriers

In order to work close to applications and real measurement scenarios, the institute operates various test vehicles with which radar sensors can be used in the applications for data collection. The test vehicles include various drones as well as passenger cars.

As we are well-linked with other institutes and institutions of Ulm University, we have access to various facilities by which we can extend our competence. This includes - among others - a well-assorted electronics workshop, in-house PCB manufacturing and the possbility to do standardized and temperature-controlled measurements.
colored circles connected via multiple lines