Research focus of the Social Psychology Department

In this area we would like to give interested readers an insight into our research.

Research interests

  • Behavior in social dilemmas
  • Compassion and empathy
  • Psychological essentialism
  • Flow-experience
  • Stereotype Threat
  • Regulatory focus
  • Meta-cognition
  • Hand hygiene

Workshop connecting several European social psychology labs

March 17-19, 2017
at the University of Belgrade

Slides of presentations are available on request (please mail to

Johannes Keller (Ulm University): Regulatory Focus Theory

Goran Knežević (University of Belgrade): Amoralism

Stefan Pfattheicher (Ulm University): Dark personality traits

Ljiljana Lazarević (University of Belgrade): The “many labs” initiative

Iris Zezelj (University of Belgrade): The new framework for research: How to foster replicability and cummulative science

Daan Scheepers (University of Leiden, NL): Impedance cardiography

Michael Wagner (Ulm University): Impedance cardiography: The tricky details of ICG data handling

Rebekka Kesberg (Ulm University): The day reconstruction method

Svenne Diefenbacher (Ulm University): Applied social psychology: The case of hand hygiene in clinical settings

Michael Bosnjak (Leibnitz Institute for Social Sciences, Mannheim, Germany): The GESIS Panel

Ljiljana Lazarević (University of Belgrade): Implicit measures

Arnd Florack (University of Vienna): Applied social psychology: The case of consumer psychology

Agostino Mazziotta (Fernuniversität Hagen, Germany): The conduct of field-experiments with a strong focus on the application of social psychological insights

Robert Böhm (RWTH Aachen, Germany): Behavioral economics

Sasa Drace (University of Sarajevo): Compensatory control, system justification and political behavior

Iris Zezelj (University of Belgrade): Social identities - Results of a 4-country project on social identity complexity (

Claudia Sassenrath (Ulm University): Current trends in empathy research

Goran Knežević (University of Belgrade): Ant colony optimization

Michael Berger (Ulm University): Online surveys and experiments – The Unipark software