Information for journalists

Before contacting the department, please note that the Social Psychology Section of the German Society for Psychology offers a list of contact persons for topics in the field of social psychology.

Please contact the persons listed there, if your request relates to a topic, which is listed there.

We would like to point out that the employees of the Department of Social Psychology of the Institute of Psychology and Education at the University of Ulm can only provide information to representatives of the media if a previous contact has been made using the procedure described below.

How to contact the department: Please send an e-mail to Johannes Keller (johannes.keller(at) including the following informations:


Name of your company or organization

e.g. SWR, Süddeutsche Zeitung etc.


Please descripe in note form the topic you would like to have some informations or statements about.

Form of the desired information

Please indicate the type of the information you wish to obtain, i.e. which of the following information you want to request:

(a) an interview for a radio input,

(b) an interview for a contribution on TV,

(c) an interview for a newspaper contribution,

(d) a content report without an interview,

(e) a statement without an interview.

Intended use

Please indicate the way in which you want to use the received informations or statements (radio input, newspaper articles, articles on a website, contribution in TV, etc.).

We assure you that you will receive a contemporary response to your e-mail request.