Project A1
Adaptive Planning and Decision-Making


The project investigates the cognitive capabilities of planning, reasoning, and decision making. It aims to realize adaptive planning and decision making processes in order to enable Companion-systems to provide individual and situational user-support.

The functionality of Companion-systems will build upon procedures for individualized plan generation. Plans of action and recommendations on how to act in a given situation are specifically tailored to the current needs, capabilities and preferences of the individual user.
As Companion-systems have to cope with both unexpected events and unforeseen user behavior, plan adaptation and pan repair techniques will be developed. They will enable stable compensations for plan execution failures as well as the flexible adaptation of plans when objectives alter or changes of the user’s emotional situation are observed.
Furthermore, Companion-systems will explain planning decisions and possible courses of action to the user. To this end, advanced reasoning components are developed that synthesize individualized explanations.

Project Supervisor