Index Functions

If you are not sure how the information is stored in the database, it is recommended to use the index function.
After clicking the index
icon in the search mask a new window is opened. It always shows the beginning of the basic index. If you want to see the content of another index the appropriate search field (here Author(s)) in the drop-down menu [2] must be selected; then the beginning of the selected index is shown.

In order to jump to a particular part of that index the desired string must be written into the input box in the middle [1]. The desired part of the index is immediately displayed. It shows the content of the chosen index alphabetically or numerically, respectively, following the requested string. Here the number of documents belonging to each indexed term is shown in front of the corresponding index term.
If the user is interested in the 162 documents from G.T. Fraser, he may click that term which is then shown at the bottom of the index window and inserted into the corresponding query field of the search mask. Multiple author names are automatically combined by the Boolean operator OR.

Especially for the search field "Keywords (Thesaurus)", which contains a hierarchically controlled vocabulary of keywords, there are interactive thesaurus functions.
From the index window you have access to the fuzzy search options by clicking the icon [3] ("Fuzzy Index").
The index window may also be the starting point for statistical search.
By clicking the search icon [4] you can return to the search mask.
The index functions are also available in MGDCOM.

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