For many years the MOGADOC (MOlecular GAsphase DOCumentation) database, which is produced and distributed by the Chemieinformationssysteme (formerly Sektion für Spektren- und Strukturdokumentation) at the University of Ulm, has been a powerful tool for scientists all over the world to retrieve information about gas phase investigations. Covering both laboratory and astronomical literature it provides the user with a fast and easy access to numerical structural data search such as internuclear distances, bond angles and dihedral angles as well as to literature of either field. So it is possible to keep track of current subjects of interest and molecules under study and to retrieve information about laboratory work related to astronomical studies.

The sources used for compiling the information include "standard" journals as well as publications that are difficult to access or "gray" literature like workshops, conferences and symposia.

Much of the information, which has been accumulated and critically evaluated, has been compiled in the MOGADOC database (Molecular Gasphase Documentation). MOGADOC enables the user to search the database on the basis of bibliographic as well as of chemical and physical search terms. Moreover compounds can be searched by a (sub)structure retrieval tool.

The MOGADOC database is now only accessible online. In the new version the Java-based chemical structure editor and the 3D molecule viewer have been replaced by non-Java versions. A description of the non- Java molecule viewer can be found here.