in memoriam
Prof. Kenneth Hedberg
"Grand Old Man" of Gas-Phase Electron Diffraction
Dr. Barbara Mez-Starck Prize-Winner 2005

Contributing authors in issue February 2019

Belyakov, A. V.Technological Institute, St. Petersburg
Berger, R.University of Salzburg
Domenicano, A.University of L'Aquila
Girichev, G. V.State University of Chemical Technology, Ivanovo
Giricheva, N. I.State University of Chemical Technology, Ivanovo
Hargittai, I.Technical University, Budapest
Hargittai, M.Technical University, Budapest
Hedberg, K.Oregon State University, Corvallis
Hnyk, D.Czech Academy of Sciences, Rez
Ischenko, A. A.Moscow Technical University
Khaikin, L. S.(see also Shishkov, I. F.)
Kochikov, I. V.Moscow Technical University
Kuze, N.Sophia University of Tokyo
Masters, S.University of Canterbury
Mitzel, N. W.Universität Bielefeld
Oberhammer, H.Universität Tübingen
Rankin, D. W. H.University of Edinburgh
Shishkov, I. F.Moscow State University
Solomonik, V. G.State Academy of Chemical Technology, Ivanovo
Tarasov, Yu. I.Moscow Technical University
Vogt, J.Universität Ulm
Vogt, N.Universität Ulm
Wann, D. A.University of York