Special information for the summer semester 2020 due to the corona pandemic

  • Current situation - Information from the Study Commission Chemistry

    (As of the following information: April 10, 2020)

    Dear students,

    we hope that you are doing well and that - despite the extraordinary circumstances - you will start the coming summer semester with confidence.

    The measures to contain the corona pandemic also apply to the University of Ulm. Most of the employees currently work in the home office and you students are not allowed to enter the university. It is perfectly understandable that you are facing the coming semester with great uncertainty and also worries.

    A large number of people in the institutes, the central facilities and the study commissions are currently working flat out from home to offer you reliable and extensive teaching during the summer semester.

    Unfortunately, we are currently unable to tell you when the University of Ulm can end emergency operation and gradually return to normal operation. Courses that can be carried out in Internet-based form will most likely even take place in this way throughout the whole semester (lectures, seminars, exercises). Nevertheless, SK Chemie hopes that it will be possible to use face-to-face teaching again as soon as possible, in particular to be able to carry out our numerous lab courses. The same applies to exams to be made up for the 2nd exam period and, of course, for the exam periods in the summer semester. An extension of the lecture period to around mid / end of August and a later start of the winter semester on November 1 are currently under discussion. It is not yet entirely clear when the exams can take place on a daily basis; revised exam planning compared to the planning status of a normal summer semester undoubtedly requires a reorganization and start of all lab courses.

    We continuously update the information on this page. In addition, reference is made to the central information pages of the University of Ulm - accessible from the start page. Please keep up to date. Thank you very much.

    We recommend the following central pages for regular inspection:



    Best wishes for your health,
    Your chemistry study commission

  • Teaching and exams

    (As of this information: April 23, 2020)

    The course directory remains the official source of information for courses. So far there have been no consistent cancellations of courses for the summer semester; if this were the case, the corresponding event would be removed from the LSF. Nevertheless, There are still many question marks in lab courses, especially in the direction of when face-to-face teaching is possible again at the university and the laboratories can start late and how this affects the respective lab courses in detail.

    In addition to the LSF, you will find below a list of all courses for which specific information on the implementation modalities is available and which tools are used.

    Overview list of online courses in chemistry in the summer semester 2020 (As of April 15, 2020)

    This list contains the direct links to the LSF, where you can find the URLs for the Moodle courses under "Further information" in the corresponding data record (of course you can also find the course in Moodle simply using the search function). The list will be updated continuously.

    The published timetables remain valid. In the course of the summer semester, this can ensure the asynchronous teaching desired by the university with regard to the provision of teaching-learning videos for lectures. This means that the corresponding materials for these slots are made available on Moodle and are made available shortly before. Video conferences for seminars etc. are also carried out for the schedule slots, for which the formats would actually have taken place in the presence form.

    Not currently secured, but the target date is June 15, 2020 as the key date for when face-to-face activities can take place again. This concerns the execution of written exams and the execution of all lab courses in block form. The study commission faces a major challenge here in coordinating all of these aspects in a timely manner and in terms of the effort that you will incur. We strive to provide you with relevant information as early as possible.

    Status of the examination organization (approved by the SK meeting on April 22, 2020): Written exams that couldn’t take place in the winter semester are to be rescheduled over two weeks between June 15 and June 26. The preliminary examination schedule is available on the examination dates page. The implementation of this schedule is currently not guaranteed. All information is therefore subject to the further development of the overall situation.

    The exams of the summer semester should take place "regularly" as currently planned, as if there were the two exam periods as in normal operation. The preliminary examination schedule for this is online since April 1. However, it is not unlikely that individual exams will have to be rescheduled, especially when we know about the periods of rescheduled lab courses.

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