Special information for the summer semester 2021 due to the corona pandemic

  • Current situation - Information from the Study Commission Chemistry (as of: March 26th, 2021)

    The summer semester 2021, comparable to the winter semester 2020/21, will take place mainly in the form of an online semester. This means that large lectures are offered via recordings in an asynchronous form via Moodle. Online consultation hours are possible; announcement by the lecturer. Smaller events can take place synchronously online via video conferences. Lab courses can take place in attendance after approval of the corresponding hygiene concept for the laboratories by the work safety department. Moodle courses are to be created again for all courses, via which the specialist content and essential specific information are transported.

    Please note the switch from BigBlueButton and WebEx to Zoom as the tool to be used for video conferences. Please set up the Zoom client and your account in good time according to the information provided by the kiz. BBB service will be on April 1st, WebEx during the semester.

  • Teaching and exams (as of: March 26th, 2021)


    In the course index you will find information on whether an event is being held face-toface, online-synchronously or online-asynchronously. You can recognize this information by whether a specific date is displayed. If an event takes place asynchronously, no appointment is displayed, if it takes place online synchronously, the appointment is named, but no room booking is shown in addition to this. A face-to-face event is characterized by both an appointment and a specific room booking. Lab courses take place face-to-face, even if no room is specified. The timetables that are published on the website of the department of chemistry represent the information in the course index.


    Examinations are regularly planned as in previous semesters, taking into account the usual examination periods. Face-to-face examinations are permitted in compliance with the applicable hygiene regulations and the maximum room capacity of the designated examination rooms. Special provisions such as a longer permissible withdrawal from the examination by deregistering in the system (as in winter term 20/21 up to 1 day before the examination instead of the usual four-day deadline) are not yet known.

Special information for the winter semester 2021/22 due to the corona pandemic

  • Current situation - Information from the Study Commission Chemistry (as of: July 6th, 2021)

    With the entry into force of the current Corona VO Studienbetrieb as of June 30, 2021, the planning of the winter semester is currently carried out as it is going to be a predominant attendance semester. Accordingly, it can be assumed that as many courses as possible will be offered face-to-face. Very large lectures, which exceed the current requirements for capacity in the lecture halls, are either held online (asynchronously) or alternatively which a weekly change of the attendance groups.

    We will keep you informed about the semester planning and further developments.

    Your Chemistry Study Commission

  • Teaching and exams (as of: July 6th, 2021)

    Information still to come.

  • Introduction for Freshmen (as of July 6th, 2021)

    Information still to come.

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