Special information for the winter semester 2020/21 due to the corona pandemic

  • Current situation - Information from the Study Commission Chemistry (as of: October 13th, 2020)

    The Chemistry Study Commission endeavors to implement and offer teaching in accordance with the central requirements of the university in the winter semester. For a large number of lectures, especially larger basic lectures, this means that the event is made available as an asynchronous lecture recording. Smaller events, especially master’s courses, can also be held in a synchronous online way or in attendance. Information regarding the format can be found in the timetable, the course index (if no room is booked for the event, it will not take place in attendance; if no time slot is given, it is asynchronous, otherwise synchronous) and the corresponding Moodle course. The lecturers decide on the format. In addition, an overview list is provided in the "Teaching and examinations" section with a list of all "CHEM events" including links to the LSF and any Moodle courses that have been set up. This list is continuously updated, but please always contact the lecturer directly if necessary, as changes to the format are possible at any time, especially with a view to the dynamics of the infection process.

    With regard to face-to-face events, the seminars or exercises accompanying the basic lectures have priority when it comes to the occupancy of available rooms. We want to enable the freshmen (first semester Bachelor) to have a presence time at the university as high as possible in addition to the lecture recordings of the basic lectures, in order to facilitate a good start to their studies and thus to establish contacts with fellow students and teachers.

    Basic information from the university about studying in the winter semester can be found on the central websites, once here for students and once here for newcomers (freshmen Bachelor). There is also the following specific information about events at the semester opening.

    With best wishes for your studies and your health,

    Your Chemistry Study Commission

  • Teaching and exams (as of: October 13th, 2020)

    Overview list of CHEM courses with links to LSF and Moodle courses (as of October 5th, 2020)

    The list will be updated continuously. Please also note the "current information from SK Chemie".

    All exams are regularly scheduled and announced in the exam schedule. As before, it is possible for the lecturers to choose an alternative exam format that differs from the module descriptions if this seems more favorable due to the corona. Furthermore, there is the central requirement of the university that all exams are offered openly in the winter semester. This also applies to large basic exams, but we strongly advise freshmen students to attend the first date of the basic exam so that they can repeat the attempt directly for the second attempt if neccessary. Furthermore, Students have the option of deregistering from the exam up to one calendar day before the exam (11:59 p.m.), in deviation from the regular provisions of the framework regulations (Rahmenordnung). Online this is still only possible within the classic cut-off period ("exam date minus 4 days at 11:59 p.m."), i.e. if you want to cancel later, an e-mail must be sent to the student administration office. Please note urgently: This regulation does not apply to repeat exams of the summer semester in the 2nd examination period. Even if some of these have an examination date in October and therefore take place in the winter semester according to the calendar, these examinations are formally part of the summer semester in accordance with the framework regulations. Further, we ask that you only make use of this option in urgent cases in order to minimize the workload for everyone involved. Lecturers prepare an appropriate number of examination papers, adequate room capacity is taken into account, etc.; this is useless if this short-term withdrawal from the examination is declared frequently. Furthermore, we urgently point out that, conversely, registration for the examination is still only possible in accordance with the provisions of the framework regulations (Rahmenordnung) and thus within the usual exclusion period ("examination date minus 4 days") and that the special regulation for deregistration ("examination date minus 1 day") is currently only valid for the winter semester 2020/21.

  • Introduction for Freshmen (as of October 13th, 2020)

    Central information page for the semester opening

    Moodle course for first semester students in the chemistry department

    The chemistry department plans to offer the introductory events for Chemistry, Chemistry and Management as well as Chemical Engineering in person. We expect more additional value from personal contact than from a digital version.

    However, we urgently ask all freshmen to adhere to the following rules, so that we are on the one hand within the scope of current measures to protect against infection and that university regulations for face-to-face events are not violated:

    1. The introduction is offered several times in order to cope with the number of beginners with a view to the currently limited space. All students who have been formally enrolled are also enrolled in the Moodle course for first-semester students. There the allocation to the individual slots is made and announced. Please stick to the time slot allocated to you and be there on time.

    2. Introductions to Chemistry and Chemistry and Management: On Monday, November 2, 2020 in lecture hall 1 (building O25), once each from 10:00 a.m. - 11:30 a.m., 12:00 p.m. - 1:30 p.m. and 2:00 p.m. - 3:30 p.m. Clock. Introduction to chemical engineering: On Tuesday, November 3, 2020 in lecture hall 1 (building O25) from 10:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. Subjects of the introduction to the subject are general organizational aspects of the study, the study culture in the chemistry department and, of course, specific information about the course of the first week(s) of the lecture period.

    3. The introduction is strictly limited to 90 minutes. This time offers sufficient buffer for questions after the information lecture. Please understand that we have to take a 30-minute ventilation break after each slot. Subsequent "personal" questions are no longer possible on this day. Please ask your questions directly in the plenary. Please leave the lecture hall quickly at the end of the information event.

    4. We are obliged to document attendance in the lecture hall by name and to keep the corresponding list for at least 4 weeks. The Fachschaft will support this documentation as part of an admission control to the lecture hall. Please only use the approved seats in the lecture hall. All others are currently inaccessible with a barrier tape. Please gradually take a seat in the lecture hall, seen from the opposite end of the entrance door. Nobody has an advantage or disadvantage, no matter where you sit. The first row is therefore just as "good" as the last.

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