University Professors and Lecturers of School of Chemistry

Five number digits are internal phone numbers.
When dialing in from outside the university please use prefix (+49-731)50-

Name Institute (Field) Room Telefon Fax
Bäuerle, Peter Organic Chemistry II O26/4121 22850 22840
Behm, Rolf Jürgen Theoretical Chemistry 47.2.215 25450 25452
Beránek, Radim Electrochemistry 47.1.223 25402 25409
Bernhardt, Thorsten Surface Chemistry and Catalysis 47.2.219 25455 25452
Esser, Birgit Organic Chemistry II M25/3408 24550  
Groß, Axel Theoretical Chemistry O25/342 22810 22819
Grützner, Thomas Chemical Engineering 47.2.225 25702  
Güttel, Robert Chemical Engineering O25/611 25700 25709
Hiete, Michael Chemistry and Management Heho18 30711 22819
Jacob, Timo Electrochemistry 47.1.107 25401 25409
Kühne, Alexander Organic Chemistry III N26/3206 22870 22883
Kranz, Christine Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry O26/329 22749 22763
Leopold, Kerstin Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry N26/332 22754 22752
Lindén, Dag Jean Mika Inorganic Chemistry II O26/303 22730 22733
Mizaikoff, Boris Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry O26/327 22750 22763
Rau, Sven Inorganic Chemistry I O25/655 23900 23039
Taubmann, Gerhard Theoretical Chemistry O25/341 22814 22819
von Delius, Max Organic Chemistry I N26/338 22847 22840
Ziegenbalg, Dirk Chemical Engineering O25/613 25703  
Ziener, Ulrich Organic Chemistry III N26/3204 22884 22883

Professors at associated institutes

Name                                        Institute (Field)                                                                           
Fichtner, Maximilian           Helmholtz-Institute, Ulm
Latz, Arnulf                          Helmholtz-Institute, Ulm
Passerini, Stefano              Helmholtz-Institute, Ulm

Honorary professors 

Name                                        Company                                                                Institute (Field)
Gollwitzer, Mathias                   EnBW AG                                                     Organic Chemistry
Hüsing, Nicola                           University of Salzburg                              Helmholtz Institute, Ulm
Mohrdieck, Christian                Daimler AG                                                 Surface Chemistry and Catalysis
Münch, Wolfram                       EnBW AG                                                     Theoretical Chemistry
Reitzle, Helmut                         Patent attorney, München                        Patent law
Weil, Tanja                                 MPI Polymer Science, Mainz                     Macromolecular Chemistry

Junior Professors

Name Institute (Field) Room Telefon Fax
Pannwitz, Andrea Inorganic Chemistry I M25/3305 27408 23039


Name Institute (Field) Room Telefon Fax
Bansmann, Joachim Surface Chemistry and Catalysis 47.2.211 25469 25452
Lang, Sandra Oberflächenchemie und Katalyse 25505 25452


Retired Professors