University Professors and Lecturers of School of Chemistry

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NameInstitute (Field)RoomTelefonFax
Bäuerle, PeterOrganic Chemistry IIO26/41212285022840
Behm, Rolf Jürgen

Surface Chemistry and Catalysis

Beránek, RadimElectrochemistry47.1.2232540225409
Bernhardt, ThorstenSurface Chemistry and Catalysis47.2.2192545525452
Groß, AxelTheoretical ChemistryO25/3422281022819
Grützner, ThomasChemical Engineering47.2.22525702
Güttel, RobertChemical EngineeringO25/6112570025709
Hiete, MichaelChemistry and ManagementHeho183071122819
Jacob, TimoElectrochemistry47.1.1072540125409
Kühne, AlexanderOrganic Chemistry IIIO25/3312287022883
Leopold, KerstinAnalytical and Bioanalytical ChemistryN26/3322275422752
Lindén, Dag Jean MikaInorganic Chemistry IIO26/3032273022733
Mizaikoff, BorisAnalytical and Bioanalytical ChemistryO26/3272275022763
Rau, SvenInorganic Chemistry IO25/6552390023039
Streb, CarstenInorganic Chemistry IO25/64423867
Taubmann, GerhardTheoretical ChemistryO25/3412281422819
von Delius, MaxOrganic Chemistry IIN26/3382284722840
Ziegenbalg, DirkChemical EngineeringO25/61325703
Ziener, UlrichOrganic Chemistry IIIO25/4252288422883

Emeriti and Retired Professors

Professors at associated institutes

Name                                        Institute (Field)                                                                           
Fichtner, Maximilian             Helmholtz-Institute, Ulm
Latz, Arnulf                          Helmholtz-Institute, Ulm
Tillmetz, Werner                  ZSW, Ulm

Honorary professors 

Name                                        Company                                                                                    Institute (Field)
Gollwitzer, Mathias                    EnBW AG                                                                               Organic Chemistry I
Hüsing, Nicola                            Helmholtz Institute, Ulm
Mohrdieck, Christian                  Daimler AG                                                                            Surface Chemistry and Catalysis
Münch, Wolfram                         EnBW AG                                                                               Theoretical Chemistry
Reitzle, Helmut                          Patent attorney, München                                                            Patent law


NameInstitute (Field)RoomTelefonFax
Bansmann, JoachimSurface Chemistry and Catalysis47.2.2112546925452
Kranz, ChristineAnalytical and Bioanalytical ChemistryO26/3292274922763