Study Commission Chemistry

The Study Commission Chemistry is subordinated to the Department of Natural Sciences. The Dean of Studies is in charge of the chair of the Study Commission Chemistry.

Members of the commission:

Dean of Studies:

Prof. Dr. Mika Lindén
(until 30.09.2023)


Prof. Dr. Alexander Kühne
Prof. Dr. Max von Delius
Prof. Dr. Timo Jacob

Research Associates:

Dr. Ludwig Kibler
Dr. Udo Werz


Herr Benjamin Hämmerle
Herr Andreas Messmer
Frau Karin Kees
Herr Florian Stümpges
Herr Julian Schendera (associated)

Employees of the commission:

Study Coordinator: Dr. Christian Vogl
Project employee: Dr. Robert Tchitnga

Maria Kistner

Auszüge aus dem Landeshochschulgesetz Baden-Württemberg:


  • Sigrid Ehrmann-Taubmann
    Albert-Einstein-Allee 11
    89081 Ulm (Germany)
    Room: O25/538
    Telephone: +49 731 50-22326