Study abroad

In times of economic globalization most German companies foster international business contacts. Therefore international competence is an important key qualification. Increasing this compentence during the university studies can raise your employment opportunities. One possibility is doing parts of your studies or a hands-on training abroad.

Not only does this help you to broaden your knowledge of languages, but you can also further your personal development. You can acquire intercultural skills by meeting different people from other cultures and encounter other ways of working.

The School of Chemistry supports students who want to study abroad. Please use the information provided on our respective websites (website for Ourgoins from Ulm University available in German language only) to get an overview of the offered possibilities concerning studying abroad.


Prof. Dr. Michael Hiete
ERASMUS Departmental Coordinator
for the School of Chemistry


Dr. Christian Vogl

Study advisor for the programs

B.Sc. Chemistry
M.Sc. Chemistry
B.Sc. Chemistry and Management
M.Sc. Chemistry and Management
B.Sc. Teaching Chemistry
M.Ed. Teaching Chemistry
M.Sc. Energy Science and Technology


Dr. Oliver Wiltschka

Study advisor for the programs

B.Sc. Chemical Engineering
M.Sc. Chemical Engineering