Best Graduates in the School of Chemistry

On May 2, 2019 in a special colloquium of the School of Chemistry the best Master graduates were awarded by Dr. Barbara Mez-Starck Prizes and the best Bachelor graduates by the Study Commission Chemistry. The special lecture about “Making the Tiniest Machines.” was given by Prof. David A. Leigh (University of Manchester).

The awardees 2019 Evelyn Artmann (Master), Kerstin Köble (Bachelor), Theresa Christina Kunz (Bachelor), Tanja Geng (Master) Pascal Wintergerst (Master), Sven Hartmann (Bachelor) and Matthias Uhl (Bachelor) (from left to right) with lecturer Prof. David A. Leigh (middle), as well as Stephan Heinikcke (right) and Dr. Jürgen Vogt (left) as representatives of the Dr. Barbara Mez-Starck Foundation (Foto: Dr. habil. N. Vogt)

Best Bachelor Graduates

For the academic year 2017/2018 Theresa Christina Kunz, Kerstin Köble, Matthias Uhl and Sven Hartmann were awarded.
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Best Master Graduates

For the academic year 2017/2018 Evelyn Artmann, Tanja Geng and Pascal Wintergerst were awarded by the Dr. Barbara Mez-Starck Prize.
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