Summer Semester 2024

Hydrogen as Energy Carrier



Course for Energy Science and Technology



Lecturer Prof. Dr. C. Mohrdieck (Daimler AG)      
Place N25 / H9      
Language English      




Course for chemists and other natural scientist

Lecturer Ministerialrat Dr. T. Pflüger  
Place N25 / H8  
Language German  
Time please see German website for appointments and further information.  
Dates please see German website for appointments and further information.  

Scientific, Economical and Environmental
Aspects of Energy Economics



Course for Energy Science and Technology



Lecturer apl. Prof. Dr. W. Münch (ENBW)      
Place O25/346      
Language English      
Time Fridays, from 16:00 until 19:00      
Dates see announcement      

This lecture provides an overview of the energy system in Germany with a strong focus on energy economical aspects. Our energy needs are closely linked to the available energy technologies. The lecture will discuss the scientific, economical and ecological dependency of energy need and provision and how a path into a sustainable energy future will be achieved.

Introduction into Patent Law

Course for natural scientists and engineers

Lecturers Prof. Dr. Helmut Reitzle, Dr. Rainer Kränzle
(patent attorney, European Patent Attorneys)
Place O27/2203  
Language German  
Time see German version of the website  
Dates see German version of the website  

Study achievement: All participants have to register the study achievement ("Leistungsnachweis") independently and on time in the university portal by the last date of the course (exam number 11252). The study achievement is passed if a maximum of one missed appointment is shown according to the list of participants of the lecturer.

Note for Chemistry students: Patent law is a partial examination in the module "Themen aus der Wirtschaft" (71425). This module is one of the options for the non-chemical subsidiary subject in the master’s program ("multidisciplinary subsidiary subject").

Note for Chemistry and Management students: Patent law cannot currently be included in the curriculum in the course of studies. Participation is only possible as an additional subject.

Biopolymers / Natural Products Chemistry

Course for Master Chemistry, Biochemistry, Biology
Lecturer Prof. Dr. Tanja Weil
Place tba
Language English

does not take place in WiSe 23/24

Please use the LSF course index for further details (room, time, etc.). Please mind that the data set (CHEM8340.001) can only be found in the course index of WiSe 23/24, which will be accessible for students during the second half of the summer semester.


does not take place in WiSe 23/24

The lecture biopolymers will provide specific knowledge in the synthesis, structure and function of various biopolymers. We will particularly discuss DNA as well as DNA nanotechnology, peptides, peptide functionalizations peptide drugs, protein synthesis and protein chemistry as well as polysaccharides. Moreover, biopolymeric materials such lignin or natural polyphenols will be discussed.

Script available
Password will be distributed in the first lecture

Master Chemistry: Please choose between registration for either exam "Biopolymers" (Subject Macromolecular Chemistry) or "Natural Products Chemistry (Subject Organic Chemistry).