Courses of studies offered by the School of Chemistry

On this website you find an overview about the courses of studies offered by our School of Chemistry.

  • Chemistry B.Sc.
  • Chemistry and Management B.Sc.
  • Teaching at High Schools B.Sc.
  • Chemical Engineering B.Sc.

The language of teaching of the bachelor's courses of studies is German. Some elective courses may be taught in English.

  • Chemistry M.Sc.
  • Chemistry and Management M.Sc.
  • Teaching at High Schools M.Ed.
  • Chemical Engineering M.Sc.
  • Energy Science and Technology M.Sc.

The language of teaching of the master’s courses of studies is English. This applies for lectures and seminars related to chemistry. Formally the courses of studies “Chemistry M.Sc.”, “Chemical Engineering M.Sc.” and “Energy Science and Technology M.Sc.” are formally English programs. For admission and enrollment, applicants are requested to provide (among other things) a proof of sufficient English linguistic proficiency. Further details can be found in the applying admission statute. The course of studies “Chemistry and Management M.Sc.” and “Teaching at high schools M.Ed.” are formally German programs, because the teaching language of all subjects that are not related to chemistry are predominantly taught in German. Accordingly, no English linguistic proof is necessary for admission and enrollment. However, applicants have to provide a proof of sufficient German linguistic proficiency instead.

Below you find detailed information about the courses of studies of our school of chemistry. If you are interested in the whole study offer of the University of Ulm, please use the general "Studiengangsfinder" of the central student advisory services.

For those interested in the master's degree in Chemistry and Management who would like to move to Ulm from another university and who do not have a bachelor's degree in Chemistry and Management (but, for example, in Chemistry or similar subjects), we provide additional information on the possibilities of obtaining admission for the Master in Chemistry and Management right here (the document is in German language).

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