• Courses (in the past cooperation with the Federal Ministery for Education and Science BMBF and the German Association of Chemists GdCh as well as with the Institut der Deutschen Wirtschaft INSTI) in the field of online retrievals in chemistry, physics and patent databases:
    • Introduction in the Messenger retrieval language
    • Retrievals in literature, factual, structure, reaction, spectral and patent databases
    • Substructure retrievals
    • Chemical information in the Internet
  • Courses for non-members of Ulm University for continuation education in cooperation with Abteilung Forschung, Entwicklung, Wirtschaftskontakte der Universität Ulm
  • Retrievals in patent databases
  • the molecular physical and structural chemical specialized database MOGADOC (MOlecular GAsphase DOCumentation): it contains bibliographic data for all areas mentioned above as well as substance specific data - in particular numerical structural data like bond lengths and bond angles. An online demo version is available (Java capable WWW browser required!).
  • the design of customized databases for specific purposes
  • cooperation with the editorial board of Landolt-Börnstein regarding the critical evaluation of structural chemical and molecular physical data
  • the GEDIS Letter (Gas Electron Diffraction Information Service): an information letter that annually informs about current projects in the area of gas electron diffraction
    Now also available online!