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Best Paper Award at COGAIN

Universität Ulm

We are extremely happy to have received the Best Paper Award at the symposium on Communication by Gaze Interaction (COGAIN), which was co-located with the Eye Tracking in Research and Application (ETRA) conferece in Seattle, USA.

The paper was a cooperation with Enrico Rukzio's (@rukzio) group at the Institute of Media Informatics and led by first-authors Teresa Hirzle (@THirzle) and Marian Sauter (@mariansauter). It was rooted in the idea that
when people are giving lectures online, they need feedback about the crowd's attention. The study developed and evaluated four types of visualizations of crowd attention. The participants reported increased connectedness to the audience when the visualizations depicted the whole distribution of gazes including spatial information (such as a heat map).

The full paper can be read here (open access):