Amanda Amoah

I am working at the Institute of Molecular Medicine on the following project:

Human HSC aging and immunosenescence

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David Bayer

I´m a member of the Department of Neurology under the supervision of Francesco Roselli. Studying the connectivity between the motor cortex and hypothalamus in an Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis transgenic mouse model will be my project for the next years. To have a rest I like to make music or I free my mind by riding racing bike.

Divisha Bhatia

My project focuses on the role of immunosenescence in altering alpha synuclein aggregation and spreading with ageing and in neurodegenerative disease like Parkinson’s disease. In my spare time, I like to spend time with my friends, read, or travel.

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Nicolai Bushart

I am working in the lab of Prof. Schirmbeck on induction and regulation of vaccine-induced CD8 T-cell responses in aging mice.

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Kristin Feder

I am a PhD-student in the Institute for Experimental Cancer Research. My project deals with dissecting the role of lymphoid enhancer factor 1 (Lef1) in healthy and malignant hematopoiesis, since it is an important factor for Wnt signaling. Lef1 overexpression was shown to induce acute leukemia in mice and aberrant Wnt signaling is known to play an important role in leukemia. To further define the role of Lef1 and its short isoform lacking the β-catenin binding domain (Lef1ΔN), we e.g. use murine transplantation models, do overexpression and knockout experiments and application of small-molecule inhibitors to inhibit canonical Wnt signaling. My PIs are Prof. Dr. Buske from the Institute of Experimental Cancer Research in Ulm, Prof. Dr. Bullinger from Internal Medicine III, Section Oncology, in Ulm and PD Dr. Fiegl from Munich.

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Tamara Bang Tam Phan

I am working in the lab of Sebastian Iben on the Investigation of the pathomechanism in Trichothiodystrophy. Trichothiodystrophy (TTD) is an autosomal recessive premature aging disorder characterized by neuroectodermal symptoms and sulfur-deficient brittle hairs and nails. To date, mutations in the subunits of the transcription factor IIH (TFIIH) including XPB, XPD and p8/TTDA, and TFIIE including TFIIE beta are causing TTD. Due to the photosensitive form of TTD and the defect in the nucleotide excision repair (NER) pathway, TTD is suspected to be caused by DNA repair defects. However, patient with a non-photosensitive from of TTD and an intact NER pathway indiate a DNA repair -independent pathomechanism in TTD. Due to the dual function of TFIIH in the NER pathway and in basal transcription, I am investigating the basal transcription - dependent pathomechanisms in TTD.

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Heike Katrin Schreier

The nuclear and the mitochondrial genome are constantly exposed to genotoxic injuries entailing DNA repair and replication blockage. Accumulation of DNA damage and replication stress in the nucleus as well as mitochondrial DNA instability have been associated with organismal aging. 
In my PhD thesis under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Lisa Wiesmüller in the Section of Gynecological Oncology I want to gain further insights into how EndoG, a nuclear-encoded endonuclease with primary localization in mitochondria, links mitochondrial DNA metabolism and replication stress responses in the nucleus and investigate its impact on aging.

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Aynur Sönmez

I’m a PhD student in the Institute of Applied Physiology. I am investigating mechanisms of neurodegeneration focusing on dysregulation of neuronal activity and protein synthesis.

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Smitha Srinivasachar

I am a PhD student in the Institute of Molecular Virology. The focus of the project is to understand the Interplay between HIV infection and Aging. I aim to elucidate the mechanisms involved in accelerated aging in HIV-1-infected individuals and critical for increased inflammation, immune damage and apoptosis in HIV-infected elderly individuals.
In my leisure time, I love to travel, spend time with friends and family. I enjoy cooking and I like to do sports.

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Kieu Nhi Tran Vo

I am a PhD student in the Lab of Prof. Karin Scharffetter-Kochanek and work on the following project:

The role of osteopontin on the endogenous niche of ABCB5+ MSCs during aging

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Konstantinos Tsesmelis

I am a PhD student in the Institute of Physiological Chemistry. My project focuses on the role of astrocytic redox imbalance in brain aging, organismic aging and neurodegenerative diseases in CNS. In my free time, I like to play basketball.

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