CEMMA - a research training program with a focus on aging research

The demographic development predicts a significant increase in age-associated diseases. Thus age-associated diseases and their prevention will become one central aspect of medicine, business and social studies. Improved and in depth knowledge on basic molecular and cellular mechanisms of aging will allow to design rational approaches and therapies that are ultimately aimed at achieving healthy aging.

The research training program cellular and molecular mechanisms in aging (CEMMA) will recruit and train the next generation of scientists in aging research, a very critical task in the light of the anticipated demographic development. It is a training program with distinct admission rules, a coordinated study plan, intermediate evaluations and interdisciplinary thesis advisory committees leading to a PhD or Dr. rer.nat. The qualification program with respect to aging research includes distinct teaching modules on model systems in aging research and on theories on molecular aging in addition to modules analyzing aging with respect to general medicine and social studies.

Cemma is funded by the DFG and part of the International Graduate School in Molecular Medicine Ulm (IGradU).

Besides the scientific training of medical students and doctoral candidates in the field of molecular medicine, the International Graduate School in Molecular Medicine Ulm offers a large variety of activities to motivate students to do excellent research, to help them to integrate into the international scientific community and to enhance their employability. Furthermore the Graduate School organizes meetings and summer schools in order to increase the international profile and to recruit excellent doctoral candidates.