Mobility Programme

In order to enhance the integration of our PhD students into the international scientific community, CEMMA offers a Mobility Programme awarding financial support to PhD students who wish to participate in meetings, practical training sessions or workshops in Germany and abroad. Our funding comprises travel costs, accomodation, daily allowance, course fees and visa costs. A prerequisite for the approvement of funding is the active participation of the PhD student. In the case of a meeting or conference this takes the form of a poster presentation or a talk, in the case of training courses and summer schools the attendance alone counts as active participation.

Applications for the Mobility Programme have to be submitted to the coordination office (Bettina Möhrle, N27, R.3009) at least 4 weeks before travelling. For application please use the Mobility Programme Application Form. In the form you can also find detailed information about the application procedure. In the case of meetings/conferences please submit your abstract for the meeting together with the application for the Mobility Programme. Approval or rejection of your application will be acknowledged by email.
There is no maximum of possible applications during the three years of PhD studies.

If you are planning a stay abroad for several weeks or months (for example a practical training), in certain cases you can be excused from your compulsory acitivities within the PhD Programme.


<link fileadmin website_uni_ulm med.molmed formulare mobility_programme mobility_programme_application.pdf _blank download>Mobility Programme Application

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