Research interest

Unravelling correlations between mechanical stimulation of immune cells and their impact on inflammatory processes.


Academic and Scientific education

2020-today                                          PhD Study, CME, Ulm University

2017-2019                                           Master of Science in Biochemistry,
Ulm University

2013-2017                                           Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry,
Ulm University

2009-2012                                           General Qualification for University Entrance, Focus on Biotechnology, Valckenburgschule Ulm


3 selected publications

1.           Vettorazzi S, Nalbantoglu D, Gebhardt JCM, Tuckermann J. A guide to changing paradigms of glucocorticoid receptor function-a model system for genome regulation and physiology. FEBS J. 2021. doi:10.1111/febs.16100.