Information für die Dozierenden

Please fill in the below form and send it to until 30 September for excursions in the following academic year. The form is only relevant for stand-alone excursions, not for excursions that can only be attended as part of a larger course. The provided information will be published on the website of the Department of Biology until the first lecturing week of Wintersemester. As an option, you may send us an additional PDF file with further details, which will be published on the website along with this description. Please make sure that the PDF document does not violate any copyright or other sensitive issues. The Department will not check its content prior to publication and all responsibility lies within the hands of the responsible university teacher. Excursions for students within the Master Biology should be advertised in English. The below questions should be answered only briefly. You may give further details in the PDF.

Form for announcing excursions