RBI Workshop Program 2018

Friday, July 27

11:15 Simon U (UU)
Welcome Address
11:45Baumann G (GUC)
Sinc-Chaos Bone Remodelling
12:30 Lunch Buffet

Breitinger HG and Klingner A (GUC)
Biochemical Properties of Resorbable Implant Materials - New Results

14:15Youssef M and Baumann G (GUC, UGreifsw)
Statistical Analysis of Bio-Corrosion Rate, Mg alloys as Example

El-Mahallawy N (GUC)
Properties and Corrosion Behaviour of Mg Alloys - New Results

15:45Coffee Break
16:15Discussion 1
Research Questions and Aims of a Future Research Program
17:30Approx. End
19:00Dinner at traditional swabian restaurant "Drei Kannen"
- In good weather: outside in the "Biergarten" of the restaurant
- Location: www.dreikannen.de

Saturday, July 28

10:00Prof. Dr. Hartmut Seliger (UU)
Advanced Biodegradable Polymers and Coatings
10:45Coffee Break
11:15Simon U, El-Mahallawy N, Niemeyer F, Engelhardt L, and Pietsch M (UU and GUC)
Simulation of a Mg-Alloy-Bone-Fusion Cages using Measured Corrosion Rates
11:45Pietsch M, Niemeyer F, and Simon U (UU)
Simulation of Resorbable Bone Fusion Implants with Different Amplifix Designs
12:30Lunch Buffet

Discussion 2
Future Directions of Group Activeties

15:00Approx. End


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