Program & Downloads for Computational Biomechanics

New lectures and exercises for a current/new course will be presented on the online Moodle page only. However, here you can find older examples of such material from the last years just for your general orientation:

Introduction to Biomechanics and FEA

Lecture Slides:  CB-V01-Einf-Mech1.pdf
Lab Exercise: CB-V02-SimpleBone-Lab.pdf

Introduction to Biomechanics and FEA 2

Lecture Slides:  CB-V02-Einf-Mech2.pdf
Lab Exercise (Fortsetzung): CB-V02-SimpleBone-Lab.pdf

Material Properties of Living Tissues

Lecture Slides: CB-Lec-MatProps.pdf
Lab Exercise: CB-Lab-TrabStructure.pdf

Additional Material:

Geometry from Imaging Data - Part I: Imaging Techniques

Lecture Slides:  CB-Lec05.pdf
Lab:  Programing the Radon Transformation (Python)
Example CT Data:  Skull.jpg

Geometry from Imaging Data - Part II: Programing Image Filters

Lecture Slides:  CB-Lec06.pdf
Lab:  Programing Image Processing Filters

Bone Remodeling - Biology, Theories, Models

Lecture Slides: CB-Lec07.pdf
Lab: CB-Lab07.pdf

Fracture Healing

Lecture Slides: CB-Lec08.pdf
Lab: CB-Lab08.pdf,

Musculoskeletal Systems, Inverse Dynamics Software Anybody

Lecture Slides: CB-Lec10.pdf

Lab: CB-10LB.pdf

Task1, Task2

Usefull paper: Analysis of musculoskeletal systems in the AnyBody Modeling System