Computational Biomechanics (CB)

We developed this new (beginning Summer 2016) English module as an optional course for our master students in CSE and for related international exchange students. Mathematics students who have attended the optional master module "Modellierung und Simulation in der Mechanik MSM" before and other students with equivalent knowledge are welcome if places (max. 12) are available.

In case there are more than 12 applicants, we will use a special selection procedure to assign the available 12 slots.

Please attend the first lecture (2nd week) in order to apply for the attendance!


Every summer term


3 SWS (2 lectures, 1 exercise) plus ca. 2 h self studies per week.


Dr. Ulrich Simon, MSc Martin Pietsch, MSc Lucas Engelhardt, MSc Matthias Kost

Lecture Times - Summer 2017

(compare to Online study portal).

Lecture (2 SWS) (MATH4026.010)
    Date:Mo 14:15 - 15:45
    Location:HeHo 18, seminar room E.60
    Start:2nd semester week
Exercise (1 SWS) (MATH4026.020)
    Date:Mo 15:45 - 16:30, following the lecture
    Location:HeHo 18, MAC pool, U.41
    Start:3rd semester week
Oral Examination
    Date: - see sub page Program & Downloads -
    Location:- see sub page Program & Downloads -

Modul Specifications (Modulbeschreibung)

See:  Modulbeschreibung (preliminary)





Program and Downloads


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